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" I bought this for my young boy, he use to constantly stay indoors and play video games, but ever since I bought him the Flying Spinner he has totally changed... even I'm impressed. "- Jared Allen ✅  VERIFIED BUYER

What is the Flying Spinner?

The Flying Spinner is a stunning toy that can perform outstanding aerobatic tricks and stunts! In just a few minutes of practice, you’ll be able to master it! The Flying Spinner is a unique toy, you’ll be having the time of your life just playing around with it by yourself, and it’s also a terrific toy to play with a group of friends. If you haven’t tried the Flying Spinner, you’re missing out. Anytime you’re bored and want to try something new, the Flying Spinner is the perfect solution! The Flying Spinner is an ideal gift for kids but a terrific gift for all ages, you’ll be able to master it effortlessly and be having a great time doing so!

😱Cures Boredom! - Anytime you are feeling, lonely or bored, start playing with the Flying Spinner! It is much better than continually staring at your phone, playing with this unique toy, will make you feel better & you’ll be able to get your mind off stressful situations.

😇Sleek & Safe Design - Now, this isn’t some big bulky device that requires a lot of maintenance; in fact, it’s the complete opposite of that! The Flying Spinner has an enclosed wheel design that is also aerodynamic, and it will protect your hands while spinning it up & performing tricks. 

😎Extremely Easy to Play - All you have to do is turn on the power button, hold the center axis, and shake the Flying Spinner with your wrist. It is straightforward to use so that you can play anywhere you want! 

🎆Dazzling RGB lights & Rechargeable - The Flying Spinner has a built-in rechargeable battery! It can be continuously played for an average of 7-10 minutes. It takes on average to charge 20 minutes. Also, the RGB lights look tremendous at nighttime, making a terrific toy to play with a group of friends at night.

How to Play?






Nowadays, technology is everywhere; around 98% of kids have technological devices in their house. Over 42% of children under 8 have their own device; these are shocking numbers! Technology has its benefits in your child’s learning process, but it comes with its share of negatives as well! Excessive use of technology can lead to a deficiency in other vital aspects of development!

Now, if you want to help change that, then the Flying Spinner is the answer! Your child will be able to reduce his screen time and play outside with the Flying Spinner. Did you know that kids who play outside have more solid reasoning & observational skills? The Flying Spinner can help that! The  Flying Spinner can be played with a group of friends or even by yourself! The Flying Spinner is a terrific toy to cure your boredom; it is safe to play with & is a great toy for kids! It’s time to have fun again! 

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